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Tecrin's News

Posted by Tecrin - 7 days ago


Posted by Tecrin - 3 weeks ago

Watch, as I, the amazing AmberLearner, will make people appear from thin air...

In the dimension that I am an NSFW artist.

Like THAT will ever happen.

Posted by Tecrin - 1 month ago

So aparently the latest pixel art I slapped on Twitter is a first of its kind 'cause it's the first one to ACTUALLY have a bit of traction. I woke up this morning and BOOM! I got all these notifications. I don't know when or how that happened, but I'm going to move along like nothing changed. I'm just very surprised that something broke the double-digit threshold.



Posted by Tecrin - January 24th, 2021

I never actually knew that this day existed on Newgrounds till JUST NOW, but it's not like I got any motivation to make a large scale quality peace you crazy? I'm a lazy piece of shit STOP TALKING TO ME. Although, whenever I do upload a something I feel should be a part of this, I'll tag it with whatever tag it's supposed to be. I already did this on my latest 1-bit work that you can find here. Now back to whatever shit I was doing.


Posted by Tecrin - January 9th, 2021

I realize that the more of these random sprites that I be doing, the more I actually define my art style, and I'm happy with it. I feel like it's very unique compared to many other works, so I'm gonna keep doing it.

I'm gonna have to start animating all of them at some point.

Don't know when though.

Probably soon.

Hope it's soon.

If you've been liking my works so far (or you saw this post and found out about me just now), I do stream on Twitch and I do have a Discord server where you can tell me if I'm a horrible Chrom player in Smash or something, and I'm planning on starting to make Youtube videos in the future also of just stream highlights, tips in pixel art, or fake-guides/meme-tages.

So that's that.

Now I'm gonna download "Exhale of the Waifu" for the PlayBox PC.



Posted by Tecrin - December 26th, 2020


For those of you that have seen my reviews & comments:

I don't try to do the simple "Nice" or "Good Job!" comments because majority of the time it doesn't help anyone, so I mix them up a bit to at least add a bit of personality and life into it by saying something that I would say about it to a friend and rarely critique things. It's just a little something to really show how I feel towards the content other than saying "This could be better". I'd rather not be saying anything at all if I made those type of comments.

Anyway...Happy Holidays Newgrounds!


Posted by Tecrin - November 30th, 2020

I'm not the biggest fan of NSFW. I know it exists and all, but I don't always want to see that shit. Once in a while I get around to it and if it's art I go "OH that's cool art!". When I see too many on the other hand it can get quite filthy for me. For some circumstances like characters that were PURPOSELY sexualized such as Lara Croft, Carmeleta Fox from Sly Cooper or some girl from High School DxD, some kind of MLP anthropomorphic whatever-the-fk-they-call-it, or anything that comes to mind first. It varies from person to person, but they all point back to the same thing.

I got nothing against porn, hentai, rule 34, etc. I just want to point that out for anybody that seemed offended. They got a knack for male/female autonomy which for some people is very difficult to do, but sometimes it's just not necessary to see from many eyes.

It's not like I'd know anything. I don't know or care about people's interests in this kind of stuff, but they're not mine.

Posted by Tecrin - November 20th, 2020

Let me explain-

I'm making a mod for Rivals of Aether.

I didn't know about the existence of Fraymakers until recently, but I guess I'll make the same character for that game as well in about 2 years.

If you guess the character I'll congratulate and kiss you on the forehead

If you guess the moveset, you get your cock sucked. (by my younger sis)

With some of the other old characters I did such as the Kindred, Sett, and Tienhuo I may turn those into modded characters also and many more to come that I did not put on this website. Don't worry, there's gonna be characters with very differentiating styles and whatnot stuff I put here will somewhat be fresh. It's also gives me an excuse to smash the "Upgrade" button for old stuff.

If ya want, You can give me suggestions. I guess that also translates to commissions or somethin I don't know man I'm tired as I'm writing this with only 5 hours of sleep.


Posted by Tecrin - November 16th, 2020

I went out to make a tier list as a meme of some random things and in order to do that I had to make a Twitter acount, so I did.

I guess I have one now...

I probably won't be all that active on it, but come check by it whenever you get the chance if I even bother to update it.



Posted by Tecrin - November 11th, 2020

I was making an actually decent funk/House/whatever-kind-of-song it is then I go to save my work...

Apparently I was using a demo of FL Studio 9...so it didn't save anything...

What are the odds of THAT happening?

Well...remember that "Soundtrap" thing I mentioned in my early days on Newgrounds...I'm probably gonna end up using that after all- OH WAIT! I had Serato Studio installed on my computer for ages now.

Time to get to work then.

Shouldn't be THAT hard to learn considering I jumped into FL Studio right?