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what a godlike shitpost

Waluigi isn't the only one that suffered...

What if Anime was Live Action?

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This is like the Sonic/Nights/Ristar mash-up I never though I'd need till now. I thoroughly enjoyed this. from the art style to gameplay to soundtrack.

The characters are so simplistic yet so much personality can be squeezed out of them. (Adding yourself to the game...nice touch). It's somewhat of an Undertale tier. Not really, but it's close enough.

Stages are MASSIVE. Some are more lenient than others in pathways, but it varied enough so you feel like an open world. With every level, I felt like I was being smacked in the face by a rainbow, and with the added change in contrast setting really does help those that can't handle bright lights I have never really seen from many games.

Gameplay reminded me of Rayman & Hollow Knight. Very simple and simplistic. SO simplistic that nothing needs a tutorial. You just go in and see "Oh...I get it." Bouncing crystals is not something you see on the streets

I actually know a few of these artists that made the OST, but I didn't know they actually MADE IT MADE IT. Very Sonic 3 & Knuckles with stuff like Megaman chiptunes tossed in. It's very lively.

I await to see what kind of rode this game goes, cause this is a masterpiece that bought back so many childhood memories of me and bois gathering around at the arcade for a speedrunning tournament.

When the full game comes out on Steam, I'm ripping out my wallet and going to town.

This game reminds me of how far Newgrounds has become making a major impact on the internet from Pico's School to Castle Crashers to Among Us.
This is too wholesome.
I'm crying as I'm writing this out.
I'm glad to be a part of this community.

Children all over the world should play this game to learn how a gun works and what to do with it.

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That intro and buildup are something else. I don't really hear that kind of stuff very often. I like it. 👍

Zoftle responds:

Thanks man!!! I really appreciate it! Thanks for sticking around and listening to my stuff.

These vocals makes me feel inspired.
I needed something like this.

This gives me Cave Story vibes big time.

recme responds:

best complement ive received! thank you!

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Me and the bois trying to finish Marvel's Endgame at 4 AM

I can never un-see this...

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