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Me play vedao gaemz
I liek musak
I mek pixal arte
I mek pixal anematione
This is my world
You can call me by what you wish. Go by either Tecrin, AmberLearner, or PINOYFIVE, but mostily AmberLearner.




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He composed some pretty cool music for the upcoming "Aether" series! Many thanks to him and keep making the great music!

For those that still want to make audio, music and sound effects alike, it's not too late. You can still make audio for the any of the episodes coming up, and help out in any way possible. Message me if you would like to do so!

If Shruggle is reading this. I can't thank you enough for the help, and you get my follow! :3



Penis Water


I've had an account for this website and recently started being active on Newgrounds. INCREDIBLE!!!

All jokes aside, (maybe) in order to make a name for myself on this website, I'd figure I would get to know some people by doing some animation projects. I already have a clear, thought out idea for a fan-made series centered around an indie game (That nobody gives a shit about).

In all reality, this is a very chill project, and due to Covid-19/Corona. everyone is stuck in their homes watching their videos, raging to Fortnite players, browsing Netflix, complaining that characters in Smash Bros games need to be nerfed (I hate Mario abusers), and etc, people are finding out they can do things they never thought they could.

Anyone that falls under these categories are welcome! The collaboration is beginner and experienced friendly!

  1. Concept Artists
  2. Pixel Artists
  3. 2D/3D Animators
  4. Those who are into game lore
  5. Writers
  6. Voice Acting of either gender (UPDATE - many spaces for Female voices are still available & Male voices are running dry. If you desire to do Male voice-acting, hook me up anyway because this is a series and the total amount of voices needed is self explanatory.)
  7. Sound Designers
  8. Musicians (UPDATE - a soundtrack has already been made for episode 1, but there is always room for more music for future episodes.)
  9. (I will allow furies and weebs to contribute (Don't make me regret it)) (This is a joke...please don't take it seriously...PLEASE)

Keep in mind this will be SFW for the purpose of appealing to all audiences (In art AND language). NSFW will only generate the wrong idea and attract the wrong kind of people. Hope you understand!

This is NOT a professional project. This is just a thing out of boredom. You CAN put some professionalism to this, but the chill atmosphere of the project is the recommendation.

If you have any questions or would like to participate, message me through Newgrounds and friend me on Discord. I suggest you to do this just to confirm if it's even YOU.

Discord: AmberLearner#0984


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